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PEAC works to promote education that includes all children by providing individual technical assistance, advocacy, and supports to families; assisting institutions of higher education better prepare teachers to effectively teach all children; and influencing and supporting schools, policymakers, and the community to effectively implement inclusive practices and policies. We are a partnership of parents, educators, related professionals and others who believe that children of all backgrounds and abilities should be successfully educated together in their neighborhood schools within the general education curriculum.

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LATEST NEWS: PEAC's Annual Meeting and Patricia J. Creegan Award

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On Saturday, April 5, 2014 PEAC held our Annual Meeting. We were excited to present this year's winner, Jessica Miller from Nitrauer Elementary School. Winners of the Patricia C. Creegan Award for Excellence in Inclusive Education receive a certificate, an honorarium, and a one year PEAC membership. The name of the winner is also inscribed on an annual award plaque. (Dr. Geralyn Arango and Jessica Miller pictured)

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Dr. Julie Kessler and Jessica Miller presented:
Transition from high school to adult life
  • Tips and suggestions for how to prepare from elementary to middle to high school
  • Hear from young adults currently experiencing transition
  • Hear from young adults who have gone on to college, successfully working and living independently
  • Hear about the PEAC SAN (Self advocate Network)
Self Advocate Network (SAN)
Self Advocate Leaders Abigail Hucker and Aaron Ross shared their stories of inclusion along with our new friends Lou Kramer and Shawn Aleong. They also officially launched our recruitment efforts for new self advocates. Please see our Self Advocate Network Application and contact us with any questions. click HERE
PEAC Board of Directors held elections. Results to be posted shortly!

PEAC's Latest Newsletter The Lighthouse is Here!

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Are you on our mailing list? If so, you should have received an electronic copy of our Summer 2013 newsletter, The Lighthouse. If not, please join our list so that you will be the first to hear about our publications and upcoming events! Click HERE to join our mailing list.

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Dowload the Summer 2013 Newsletter HERE. Read a previous edition of our newsletter HERE.


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